1. Those are the pieces I did for the fifthelementbook project . Check out the artbook it’s awesome !


  2. Hey guyz .
    A little “I’m not dead message” .
    I’m currently having a wonderful time in Iceland and I will be back on my drawing board on october.
    I felt like sharing with you a bit of the pictures I took there.
    See you soon !


  3. shebeb said: Hi Peah, we really liked your drawings! Especially "The White Crow" and "Le Refuge". Is it possible to buy a printed copy of "Le Refuge"? How much would it cost? Thanks!

    Hi shebeb !  Thanks for the nice words . :)

    I’m currently looking forward a way to sell very limited edition prints.

    I want to be sure of the quality and the final render that’s why none of the online solutions (society9 , inprnt.. ) suits to me. 

    The whole island serie will be printed and sold.

    I have no idea of what the cost will be, all I can say is that it will be higher quality than online print shops and all the prints will be signed and numbered.

    I will try to make this happen before december. So stay tuned :) 


  4. Le murmure du désert grondait à l’infini.

    C’est ici que se perdent les nuages. 


  5. Tonight’s quick sketch. Monolith.

    Have a great week end everyone :)


  6. FR : Je découvre en ce moment la version de Jim Dale des audiobook d’ Harry Potter ,et c’est un vrai régal !  Pour les anglophones, c’est une parfaite façon de redécouvrir les livres. Du coup j’ai pas pu m’empêcher de faire une petite anim de ma vision du Golden Snitch.

    EN : I currently discover Jim Dale's Harry Potter ‘s audiobook and it’s absolutely delightful !  What a perfect way to rediscover the books ! So I couldn’t help myself but draw this little animation of the Golden Snitch.


  7. peahart:

    The white crow - 1h or so .

    Did some optimisation on this little one. :)


  8. makosaur said: Hi Peah! I saw your island series of artwork and they are absolutely fantastic. I'm wondering if you have any future plans to make them available as prints. They would look lovely as a set. Anyway, great artwork. You have a new fan :) Cheers! - MAKO

    HI there ! Glad if you like the island series ! 

    Something might come up in october about the island series getting printed , I have to figure out a couple of things till then :)

    Ans thanks mate, you’ve got some really cool stuff on your page !


  9. Vancouver trip

    Thanks Guyz to your nice messages to this :

    (responses at the bottom)


    Hey Guyz ! 

    I will be in Vancouver for the first time from september 21th to 26th .

    Is there any fun stuff to do during this period specially ?

    Also , I don’t know nothing about the city (my only current goal is the Anthropology museum ) , so have you got any suggestion ?

    Cheers nice people from tumblr  !



    thyeise :  A lot of people told me about the Aquarium , I will definitely  check it out :) + food market place, I’m in ! 

    quietpyre :Man , that’s a great idea ! Never heard about this one , goes directly on my list !! Thanks !

    r-dart Check  your Fanmails ;) 

    mixedbagmythography Nature spots ! Yeah ! Will try to rent a bike or something and do some plein air drawings . Thanks ! 

    Guyz you gave me great hints and everyone something different ! 

    Also, (let’s use the power of internet more) ,any chance there is some people from Reykjavik, Iceland here ? I’ll be there in a couple of days :)


  10. Another experiment. Crossing. 

    (animated with Photoshop)