1. I’m sometimes asked about step by step stuff. So here is some kind of process of a piece I did a couple of time ago. 

    What may be interesting here is that you can see some point of the drawing change along the way , at a moment the statue was suppose to get a sword standing and I had some “bubble experimentations” at the very final stage .. 

    That is to say , an illustration is rarely a straightforward process (at least for me) and even if some parts goes easily , some other needs back and forth to finally find the good idea. 


  2. Un petit quelque chose pour le projet de l’ami Joslin,avec plein de copains dedans . Plus d’infos bientôt 

    A little skull for a project made by Joslin , with a lot of friends participating . More informations soon !


  3. Frog Archer for fun ! 


  4. Let’s make an announcement : 
    If everything goes well, I’ll publish a small artbook of about 50 pages of my digital and traditional sketches from those past two years  
    Release date : end of november. Yeah ! 

    More informations soon !! 


    Je peux l’annoncer vu que ça prend forme : 
    Si tout se passe bien je vais publier un petit artbook de 50 pages de mes croquis digitaux et traditionnels de ces deux dernières années. 
    Date de sortie : Autour de la fin novembre ! 

    Plus d’infos bientot !! 


  5. The windmaker . pens , ink ,markers. 

    #inktober #2


  6. 3 brothers. Inktober # 1


  7. Those are the pieces I did for the fifthelementbook project . Check out the artbook it’s awesome !


  8. Hey guyz .
    A little “I’m not dead message” .
    I’m currently having a wonderful time in Iceland and I will be back on my drawing board on october.
    I felt like sharing with you a bit of the pictures I took there.
    See you soon !


  9. shebeb said: Hi Peah, we really liked your drawings! Especially "The White Crow" and "Le Refuge". Is it possible to buy a printed copy of "Le Refuge"? How much would it cost? Thanks!

    Hi shebeb !  Thanks for the nice words . :)

    I’m currently looking forward a way to sell very limited edition prints.

    I want to be sure of the quality and the final render that’s why none of the online solutions (society9 , inprnt.. ) suits to me. 

    The whole island serie will be printed and sold.

    I have no idea of what the cost will be, all I can say is that it will be higher quality than online print shops and all the prints will be signed and numbered.

    I will try to make this happen before december. So stay tuned :) 


  10. Le murmure du désert grondait à l’infini.

    C’est ici que se perdent les nuages.